International Contemporary & Modern Art Fair

December 2 - 7, 2014
Exhibitor listing
  • Superficie Opaline - Enrico Castellani
  • Rosso - Agostino Bonalumi

Jerome Zodo Gallery

Jerome Zodo Gallery
25-26 Dering Street
London, United Kingdom W1S 1AT
United Kingdom
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Exhibitor's Artists:

Agostino Bonalumi

Agostino Bonalumi - Rosso
Also exhibited by: Adler & Conkright Fine Art,
Also represented by: James Barron Art LLC,

Josef Albers

Pino Pinelli

Paolo Scheggi

Andrew Schoultz

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

Giuseppe Amadio

Pierre Fernandez Arman

Sante D'Orazio

Edoarda Emilia Maino (DADAMAINO)

Fabian Marcaccio

Umberto Mariani
Biography : Umberto Mariani was born in Milano 1936. His family home was used as a refuge for Jews persecuted during WWII. The war leaves lasting impressions on him particularly in the last months of 1945. While at the Accademia di Brera, he works under Achille Funi in his studio and graduates with honors from the school. He has held numerous and frequent personal as well as, collective exhibits in Italy and abroad. His works are in continual evolution. His first phase was the presence of bright colors dominating the pieces. His recent works show a complex use of shadows using white and black drapery, his alphabet letters and in the embossed symbols, all signs of a dramatic semantic ambiguity of a language not always decodable.
Opera Gallery,
Ivan Navarro

Luca Pignatelli
Biography : Luca Pignatelli (1962, Milan, Italy) live and works in Milan, Italy. In the modern era, the archive – whether endorsed or personal – seems to have become the most significant means by which historical knowledge and memory are collected, stored and, most importantly, retrieved. Traces and testimonies of any sort, attributed even to events such as the World War II or the fall of the communism for example, have provoked a reconsideration of the authority of “historical truth” (in its narrower sense). Luca Pignatelli’s oeuvre appears to be, at a first glance, a compound archive of symbolic beauty and form. But, as they say, every aesthetic decision is a moral (and/ or political) one too. Driven by the “compulsive, repetitive and nostalgic desire to return to the origin and so to the most archaic place of absolute commencement that Deridda describes as the “archive fever”, the artist play with symmetry and repetitions, construction and fragmentation, archiving and chaos, opening up an unpredicted range of hybrid possilities in both a formalistic and conceptual manner. Beauty is essential to his world, not only as an aesthetically pleasing agent, but also as the method of sweetening the fact. He is definitely a classicist in his appraisal of rhythmic organization, as seen in the poses of powerful male and female ancient nudes. However, in his case, instead of following the principle of “classicism” – an approach to the medium founded on the imitation of antiquity, and on the assumption of a set of values attributed to the ancients – he violates it. Through the visual manipulation of shapes and meaning, the viewer is imprisoned within a set of ambiguities, similar to those found in the precarious real world. At the same time, the timeless dignity and reassuring calm of the – carved in marble – ancient figures are being contaminated by the notions of the fragile and the ephemeral. The heroes of today can be the anti-heroes of tomorrow. Monuments
Mimmo Rotella


Jerome Zodo Gallery focuses on Italian post-World War II artists and International Contemporary Masters.
Founded in 2010
Jerome Zodo   Director
Ana Maria Folostina   Managing Director
Andre de Kock   Gallery Manager
Jerome Zodo Gallery opened in 2015 after the wish of Jerome Zodo to expand his project from Milan, Italy, to London.

Wishing to evolve into a dynamic reference point, as well as a center of interaction and exchange with the great universe of art, the Gallery aims to become a powerful stream of communication, innovation and discovery of the surrounding multiform cultural reality.

The gallery has developed a far reaching reputation for its knowledge, support, patience, honesty and straightforward advice.

With its 370 sqm exhibiting space, the gallery rises in an elegant Victorian building of four floors, situated in the heart of London, in the center of Mayfair, which is one of the most influential districts at European and world level.
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