International Contemporary & Modern Art Fair

December 2 - 7, 2014
Exhibitor listing
  • Le tetrascopique - Jean Dubuffet
  • Gueridon - Pablo Picasso

Chowaiki & Co.

Chowaiki & Co.
500 Park Avenue, Ste. 16C
New York City, NY 10022
United States
T  212-319-7333
F  212-319-7544
E-mail address :
Website :

Exhibitor's Artists:

Salvador Dali

Also exhibited by: Alon Zakaim Fine Art,
Also represented by: Waterhouse & Dodd,
Georgio de Chirico

Jose de Rivera


Also exhibited by: David Benrimon Fine Art,
Also represented by: Rosenfeld Gallery,
Fernand Leger

Also exhibited by: Alon Zakaim Fine Art,
Also represented by: Mayoral,
Sven Lukin

Jayson Musson

Josh Sperling

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

Tauba Auerbach

Max Beckmann

James Castle

Paul Cezanne

Mark DeMuro

Otto Dix

George Grosz

Marsden Hartley

Erich Heckel

Edward Hopper


Reginald Marsh

Marilyn Minter

Claude Monet

Giorgio Morandi

Jedd Novatt

Mark Rothko

Egon Schiele

Kurt Schwitters

Cindy Sherman

Alfred Sisley


Maurice de Vlaminck

Edouard Vuillard

H.C. Westermann


Founded in 2004
Ezra Chowaiki   President
Liza Lan   Director
Sharon Phair Fortenbaugh   Sales Director
Michelle Vassallo   Gallery Manager
Mark DeMuro  
Beth Fiore  
Chowaiki & Co. is a private gallery and art advisory service founded in 2004 by Ezra Chowaiki. The gallery has developed a far reaching reputation for its knowledge, support, patience, honesty and straightforward advice. This combination has helped Chowaiki & Co. acquire some of the top clients in the world for art by Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary Masters.

The gallery deals in artwork of true quality. From Impressionist and Modern masterpieces to Post-War and Contemporary, Chowaiki & Co. is proud to exclusively associate with works of excellence. Furthermore, our vast experience across this spectrum allows for a unique sensitivity to trends in the art market, and helps shape a long-term perspective, as well. This winning combination allows Chowaiki & Co. to help form some of the top international collections with quality, substance, fervor and commitment.
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